Posted by: jstrecke | March 9, 2010

Borderless Education Workshop

York University’s Centre for Refugee Studies will be hosting a workshop on April 9-11th, which will bring together 40 interdisciplinary researchers, academics, graduate students, and practitioners from across Canada and internationally, who are committed to issues of tertiary education for refugees.

The goal of the workshop is to promote exchange and discussion on tertiary education for forced migrants who have either been unable to complete or to initiate their education due to a lack of opportunities in countries of refuge. In particular, our objectives are to further our understanding of the impact that the absence of tertiary education has had on long-term refugees in the global south; to consider possibilities/opportunities for the future provision of tertiary education to refugees in the global south; and to identify the potential role of Canadian and other international institutions in the provision of tertiary education to refugees in the global south (distance or other delivery methods).

Over six months ago when we began to plan for this workshop, we never imagined the tremendous response we have received from the development, forced migration, and education communities. It is evident that a global appeal for tertiary education for refugees is starting to develop. Our hope is that this workshop will be yet another step towards implementing a plan to increase opportunities for refugees to enrol in tertiary education.



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